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Aava Lines myynti@aavalines.fi 0406708845 Company id: 2683718-3 Merchant terms

Herbmarinated spring vegetables (L)

- asparagus, cherry tomato, sugar peas, crostini…

 Roasted sea salmon & lime-dill smetana (L,G)

 Matjes herring gremolata (L,G)

-herring with parsley, basil, garlic, grated parmesan

  Skagen-mousse (L) & rhye crisps

 Roasted beetroot, forest-berry-balsamico, rocket ja fresh thyme (L,G)

 Rosemary marinated lambkin roast & mint-cremé (L,G)

 Radish-spring potato salad (L,G)

 Archipelago bread assortment (L) & sea salt butter

incl. water bottle 0,5l / person

NB! Does not include a warm main course!


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