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From €660.00 / 1 h
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Popular M/S Merisaraste offers an enjoyable sea experience with its spacious interior and sound system. The big sun deck enables you to enjoy the sun and fresh sea air in a beautiful weather. It’s easy to find the right catering products from our many options from afternoon coffee to soup lunches and archipelago buffets. You may collect the products you want by choosing them all to the webstore’s basket.

There is no liquor licence on board, but you may purchase soft drinks during the cruise.

  •  spacious archipelago cruise ship
  • capacity 1-90 people, indoor seats 65, for dinner 46
  •  1-90, sisäistumapaikkoja 65, ruokailemaan 46
  •  a separate sun deck
  •  sound reproduction system
  •  access to most piers
  •  no liquor licence
  •  wc 

If you can’t find a suitable option for you or if you’s like to have more information, please contact our sales: myynti@aavalines.fi