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€800.00 / 2 h 30 min
Price includes 4 persons. Extras:
  • Guests€80.00
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Unpredictable weather is no longer an obstacle for a winter adventure! Stand out and offer an amazing experience for example for your business guests!

Aava Lines has planned  a day trip, where you can admire the beautiful and wintery Helsinki archipelago from the hovercraft. The vessel floats in the altitude of about 45 centimeters on water, ice or land.

Trip details:

Departure from Mustikkamaa island with hovercraft Kettu. Introduction to riding a hovercraft and the vessel itself. A ride to a nearby island like Vallisaari or Vasikkasaari, depending on the weather and the group’s wishes.

Travel time ca. 30 min.

Free hiking and eating by a campfire, grilling sausages and campfire coffee with a bun.

Return to Mustikkamaa.

Max 8 people in a group

Max 16 people is possible; 1 extra hour added to the duration of the trip, transfer in 2 groups. Duration: 2/3 hours.



800€ (max 4 people)

extras 80€/ person (max 16 people)

Prices include VAT

(minimum charge 800€)

Prices include:

Short introduction to the hovercraft and the destination

Transfer to the destination with a hovercraft

Free hiking in the destination

Meal by a campfire: grilled sausage (also veggie), coffee and bun

Contacts and enquiries: