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Instructions and tips for safe operation on cruises:

Only come to the cruise in good health.

Take care of good hand hygiene, disinfect your hands every time you enter and leave the ship.

Leave a sufficient safety distance to other passengers and the ship's staff.

Buy travel tickets in advance in the online store.

The ship's driver has the right to interrupt the cruise and/or transport, and to return to the nearest pier in the event of disturbances.

The instructions and rules given by the ship's staff must be followed

Changes to the schedule and number of passengers must always be agreed separately with Aava Lines Oy. Changes may incur additional costs.

For transport delays caused by the customer, we charge an additional fee of €150.00 (incl. VAT 10%) for every 15 minutes that begin.

Ask for advice, we will help you with all your questions to make your trip as safe as possible.