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Transfer to Vallisaari
From €395.00
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Vallisaari is an ideal destination for those who enjoy the wonders mother nature has to offer. Famous for it's butterflies and bats, along with rich wartime history and old landmarks. Spend a day walking around the island, take great pictures and sit down for a coffee or drink at one of the cafes on Vallisaari.

Read more of Vallisaar here.


Our private sea transfers departing from Kauppatori, Market Square, are available to take you to various destinations in Helsinki archipelago. This special fare is available for Vallisaari island.

Visitor fee of Vallisaari island 1,50 / person will be added to the booking.

A one-way fare can be booked either to or from the destination. A discounted return fare is available in conjunction with the outbound fare. First select the outbound date and time, and then add the discounted return.

Welcome to the archipelago!